Mongo& Aspen

Mongo& Aspen

Mongo & Aspen were the first Pit Bulls I had cared for since starting my business, Man Friday Pet Care. This was not because I avoided them rather nobody had approached me to pet sit them. When I was first contacted by their owners to inquire about my overnight pet sitting services, I was somewhat uncertain if I wanted to proceed. However, I decided to give it a go.

My first visit to Mongo & Aspen was my consultation with the owners and the dogs. I provide this service for free. I like to interact with the dogs (or cats!) find out about their feeding, walking & sleeping schedule. Where the food and leashes are kept. Any medications. What day does the trash go out, picking up the mail, moving cars if needed etc.

Mongo & Aspen were introduced to me. They were big dogs, 80 lbs or so. They immediately started to show off by rough housing with each other. The owner told me that all I needed to do to stop them was to say “enough” in a very loud manner. I did so and, to my surprise, it worked!

I agreed to care for the dogs for two weeks while the owners took a vacation. I would be providing in home overnight pet care, plus visits during the day to walk them

I have to report that I really enjoyed my time with Mongo & Aspen and I became very fond of them. Mongo (the brown dog on the right of the picture) was 80lbs of pure love. His main goal was to try to sit on my lap at every chance he got. Aspen, the female, would get very jealous (although she didn’t try sitting on my lap!) and demand equal attention.

Walking Mongo & Aspen required me to be extra vigilant about keeping an eye open for cats. When I saw other dogs approaching, I would always be sure to cross the road. Not because they would attack other dogs but because a professional dog walker always keeps safety in mind.

Mongo & Aspens owners re located to Northern California last year so they are no longer my clients. My experience with in home pet sitting Pit Bulls has changed since knowing them. The expression “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” springs to mind.