I always wanted to write a blog, but I never realized that actually sitting down and doing it is such a challenge. I tell myself I have nothing to write about, but that is not true.

For starters our little pug dog Suzie passed away on March 6. Evil cancer took her. It was very hard to make the decision to let her go, but it was apparent that her suffering was too much for her to bare. The miracle is that she lived for a year longer than the vet gave her.

I think of her passing. It was so peaceful. We wanted Suz euthanized at home, but it was not to be. No vets were available on a Friday evening.  We ended up taking her to the Animal ER where they were very kind to us. I thought Suz was going to pass away in my arms on the way there, which would have been fine.

The vet at the hospital gave Suzie a quick exam and agreed it was time. The room we were in was quite nice. The vet gave Suzie the “Michael Jackson cocktail” As soon as he vet injected the Propofol, Suzie’s ears perked up her eyes widened as if she felt no more pain. Then she sank onto the table and closed her eyes. Then the anesthetic was applied and she was gone.

I hope that the end of my life will be as beautiful as our little girls was. I have no more words to write at the moment, but I am sure more will come. I will check in again very soon.