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Rosie The Rescue Cat Who Rescued Us!

Rosie was a little cat with a broken tail. She weighed about 8lbs. She was probably the runt of the litter.

She lived in a house behind ours. A family of five owned her, two adults and three very rambunctious children. They used to chase Rosie around and she would escape them by climbing onto the roof of our house. 

As time passed, she began creeping into our house when we left the back door open in warm weather.

She got bolder and bolder and ventured further into our house. She usually hid under the bed.

One day, her owners left. They left her behind to fend for herself. So Rosie became “our cat”

Rosie was a princess with an alley cat edge. She always retained her status as an in out cat, despite our best efforts to keep her indoors. She never acquiesced to use the litter box we put down for her and so we would leave a window open for her to go out “catting around” One way to get her indoors was to run the can opener. She never roamed too far. Rosie was smart! She knew when she was on to a good thing!

She always slept inside on our bed. She was never a cat that enjoyed sitting on your lap getting stroked. Touching Rosie was always on her terms.

We loved that little cat with a broken tail. When she first adopted us she did not meow. We taught her how to do that. She knew she was well cared for and felt safe with us.

At approximately 8 years old Rosie started getting sick. We took her to a vet (no easy task getting her there) She was diagnosed with cancer. We did all we could to keep her comfortable during her illness.

Rosie told us when it was time for her to go. She gave us a look that said “cmon guys, its my time to cross the rainbow bridge”

And so we said our final goodbye to Rosie. Our little 8lb cat with the broken tail.

My next blog will be about pug dog Suzie!

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